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The original post

For years I resisted writing music, even though I love music, even though my husband would make me writing playlists based on the book I was working on, even though I tend to turn to music videos for inspiration when I’m all out of ideas. Gentlepersons, I was wrong. Sort of.


The overview to the NaNoWriMo 2017/Project Cecil playlist

Project Cecil is the straight crime story I was challenged to write. I was having a lot of trouble with it but the process of building the playlist has already been really useful. It’s given me a better handle on my killer and on some of the themes that are probably going to come out. There’s 33 songs on the playlist in it’s current form and I plan to focus on 1-3 songs per post.


Track 1

This is the sound of my opening scene. The last moment in the story where my characters still think that order still holds sway.


Track 2

This is another great song to go on any writing playlist, though probably only during the first draft. I think of it as the unofficial anthem of NaNoWriMo.


Track 3

This song takes me into the psyche of one of my main characters.


Track 4

This track relates to another character with a traumatic experience of near death by drowning.


Track 5 and 6

These two tracks go together, not just because the title combination and the swerve from folk rock to trashy pop pleases me but because these are both squad songs.

Stay tuned for more.