This page collects the links to my various posts containing signifiers that we have inadvertently strayed from the home timeline and into alternative realities.

The first one dates from just after the result of the American Presidential election and boy do I hate being right.

I’ve just come back inside from doing a quick Zeppelin check. Sadly the lack of airships in the sky means that we probably haven’t accidentally side-slipped into an alternative universe.

The second one was a collection of weird events.

If you’ve studied much history you’ll know that sometimes stuff happened that makes us look back and wonder exactly what Clio (muse of history) was smoking.

Then I started asking for the kind of weird stories that suggest that we might all be sliding sideways into an alternative timeline.

It’s an old trope of science fiction that you can always tell if you’ve slipped into an alternative reality because there will be Zeppelins. As I’ve mentioned before I tend to nip outside and do a quick Zeppelin check whenever weird stuff happens. You know, stuff like a reality TV star getting elected president.

And then there’s the Zeppelin forecasts:

Nazi Blimps Attack

Has anyone spotted the Zeppelins yet? I ask because it’s clear that the USA is experiencing a full on incursion from a Nazi timeline. That’s the only way I can explain actual Natzi’s marching in the streets with neither hoods nor masks and then being surprised when this doesn’t go well for them.

Fascist Zeppelins Over Catalonia

This is not a forecast so much as a warning. Events in Spain should be reminding us all what a fragile thing democracy is.