Review: Mercury’s Son

Mercury’s Son by Luke E.T. Hindmar

This is my second futuristic detective story review in a row and like False Hearts by Laura Lam it is an easy five star, 10/10, just buy the damn book already rating.*

Sci Fi is the genre of big ideas and this novel is full of them. It’s also a detective novel, and a noirish one at, that so it’s full of enigmas. The story takes place on a future planet Earth recovering from an entirely man-made apocalypse. Humanity has been brought low but is holding on in domed cities, living under an iron central control, committed to fixing the damage to Mother Earth.

The central character is a Moderator, a kind of detective, investigating a murder that goes to the very heart of his society. I can’t say any more about the plot without spoiling it and I would hate to spoil such a beautiful plot.

I recommend this book but it does need to come with a warning. It is a tough read in places. It opens with a suicide and it often deals with horrific violence and the emotional consequences of that violence. It is a brutal futuristic police procedural and it should be violent and terrible in places.

It is absolutely worth reading through passages that you might find painful to get to the deeper meaning. This book has big important things to say about things like consciousness, memory and mankind’s place in the universe and it says them with style and grace.

This is easily a 5 star book for me but if you dislike ambiguity in your mystery novels or violent death in your sci fi then you might have to knock a off one star. But that still makes it well worth the read.


*And while you’re buying it in the Amazon store have a look at False Hearts because that’s currently 99p,

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2018 Diet Update 3

This week I lost 1.3kg (just over 2 and a half pounds). My total weight loss is now 14.4 kg (31.6 pounds or 2 stone, 3.6 lbs). After experimenting with the positioning of my scales I can be fairly sure this is genuine weight loss but of course much of this week’s total will be down to fluid being forced out of my legs by my compression tights.

Wearing my compression tights continues to be a massive pain in the arse. And everywhere else. Just getting them on uses most of my spoons meaning that I don’t have much left over for chores or writing or working on the thing I’m crocheting for my daughter’s birthday. Or even for reading the book I’m reviewing.

More and more I’m questioning why I’m even on this fucking diet. Let us not forget that calorie restriction is not a treatment for lipoedema, that my value is not inversely proportional to my size, and that no level of weight loss is going to magically render me decorative enough to be societally acceptable. I only got on this damn treadmill because weight loss is a hoop that I have to jump through in order to access the treatments that actually do work.

I am trying to commit to more exercise. Not to lose weight but because I want to be stronger. I’m thinking of taking on a 100 squat 30 day challenge. The idea is to work up to 100 squats a day (any kind of squat counts) and then keep it up for 30 days. I have no idea if this is a good idea but I do think it’s important to have goals.

Diet Update 12

This week I lost 2kg. Of course some of that was the half kilo I put on last week so it’s only a net loss of 1.5kg (about 3 pounds). This is for a total weight loss of 11.5kg (25 pounds).

Still not much of a visible change though. In fact there’s so little change in my forearms that I’m starting to worry that I might have lipoedema there as well. At least I now have an appointment for the next stage of assessment for the lipoedema and it’s less than a month away.

With the end of NaNoWriMo approaching I think it’s time to think about a proper exercise plan. Going to a gym just isn’t practical but I do have a rowing machine. Now I just have to work out how to use it. I’ve got a bunch of weights for weight training but no bars to put them on, no bench and no squat rack. I suppose it’s a start.


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Playlist Track 9 and 10

Track 9 is another song that makes me think about co-dependency but now with a heavy side order of loss and regret. If you’ve never seen the video then I recommend stopping what you’re doing and watching. It’s beautiful and poignant.


Track 10 is more about loss and regret and about how sometimes a brief happiness can make seem like a cruel lie when the misery returns.


These two songs take me into the state of mind of my little group of amature detectives. They’ve all felt a terrible loss they’re each one striving to be strong for the others. They’re each living with a gaping hole where someone they cared about used to be.

Why not tell me in the comments about the sort of music that helps you when you’re writing? Does it help you to concentrate, or help you visualise a scene, or does it create a mood. And if you don’t like music what do you like? Silence? Ambient noise? Podcasts?

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Just keep writing

For everyone about to face week three of NaNoWriMo.

How you doing? Are you still writing? If you’re ahead then good work but don’t get cocky. If you’re behind but you’re still writing then well done but don’t stop.

Week one was all about enjoying the fun of creation but accepting that your novel wasn’t as good as you hoped it would be because your imaginary novel is perfect and your real one is not only real but a first draft. Week two is about keeping going even after it’s stopped being fun. Week three is different depending on where you are with your word count.

If you’re roughly on track with your word count then Week three can feel a bit precarious. You’ve kept up the pace so far but you’re beginning to worry that you can’t keep it up till the end of the month. You start to worry that you could lose all the work you’ve done so far with just a couple of bad days.

You can’t lose the hard work you’ve already done as long as you have backed up your work. You have backed it up haven’t you? Go and to it now, just to be sure. If you do fall behind you can claw it back. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve even done it myself. But if you’re starting to worry, if you’re looking ahead to commitments that you can’t get out of then decide today to do an extra 20 minutes. After you’ve hit your total for the day write an extra 20 minutes worth of words. Do that whenever you can and you’ll build up a buffer to carry you through.

If you’re well ahead of track, either because you need to finish early, or your story is longer than 50,000 words, or because you’re writing more than one this year, or things are just going really well for you then take a couple of minutes to congratulate yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Eat some cake. Celebrate with a beer if that’s your thing.

Now get back to work. November isn’t over. There are greater heights to scale. There are lessons to be learned from whatever you’re writing. And, since you’re ahead, you have time to spare to help, advise or commiserate with the people who aren’t doing so well.

Speaking of which.

Hi, how you doing? Still writing? Not giving up even though you’re sure you’ll never hit 50,000? Good work. If you can keep writing till the end of the month then you might not officially win but you won’t’ have failed. To keep writing in the face of all the distractions the world can throw at you is its own kind of victory.

But don’t write the official win off just yet. There is still time to pull it back. Just sit your arse down at the keyboard/notebook and write. Write anything. Start by complaining about the mad woman with the walking stick who keeps threatening you. Because if you don’t write more I will come round to your house, stand behind you, and poke you with the stick of doom until you do*.


*I won’t actually do this unless you’ve given me your address and specifically asked me to so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Playlist Track 8

This song is for my group of ‘detectives’. They’re good people but they’re all a bit damaged.

Tragic backstories all round.

But the thing about damaged people is that they can be hard to scare. How do you intimidate someone when you can’t say anything that’s worse than they say to themselves? How do you threaten someone when they’re already in more pain than you will ever know?

And if you’re a killer who has so far gone undetected you can forget about them missing any evidence you’ve left behind. The OCD won’t let them miss things that are out of place. The Autism won’t let them stop looking. The PTSD and the depression mean that they don’t care enough about their own safety to  even think about letting things lie.

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Diet Update 9

This week I lost 0.7kg ( just over a pound). That takes my total weight loss on this diet up to 9.5kg (21 lbs or about a stone and a half).

This week I learned that I can have a cheat day and still lose weight but only if I’m defining a cheat day as one where I stay under my calorie limit while not caring about the carbs. Maybe. I was well under the calorie limit though. That’s good news because it means that if I fancy cinema popcorn or a sandwich then I can have that just not every week and I still have to be careful.

I’m still using the coffee trick and it really does work even with decaf. But I’m drinking high quality ground coffee which makes it feel more like an indulgence and less like I’m punishing myself.

As I said last week my referral to the leg ulcer clinic turned out to be useful. The nurse there is referring me to Vascular so they can check on the state of my veins and then to a specialist physiotherapist for massage and compression wraps. The goal is to reduce the size of the affected areas and then get made to measure compression garments. She also prescribed a moisturiser because dry skin on the affected areas can lead to cracking and infection.

For the first time since I heard about lipoedema it seems certain that I do have it and there is a plan to deal with it. I have to keep on the diet though.

Last Update. This Fucking Diet.

Procrastination Deathmatch

So it’s almost time to start writing (for NaNoWriMo). It’s a bit late now for preparation but I have one final tip for those trying to catch up on chores they won’t have time for next month and finishing an outline that they will probably throw out the window sometime during week two.

Don’t do all of the chores. Leave a couple that you really don’t want to do. The ideal chore is something menial, boring and important. Whether it’s deep cleaning the fridge or sorting out the 800 pieces of malware that your mother has somehow downloaded it should be something you loathe.

These chores will be joining your novel in PROCRASTINATION DEATHMATCH. When you should be writing your novel but you’re putting it off these chores are the only acceptable procrastinations. Snacking, Netflix and computer games are for writers. If you owe your novel words then no fun for you. If you haven’t hit at least 1667 words that day either get back to the keyboard or go hack the ice out of the freezer or steam clean the George Foreman grill.

That was an excerpt from one of the messages I have to write as a NaNoWiMo municipal Liaison. I am going to be super busy for the next month. I will be writing a new novel (well the first draft of one), shepherding the members of the Fife forum through their attempts to write and trying to prepare for Christmas.

Usually I don’t post much to my blog during November but this year I’m going to try to continue to post three times a week. However you can expect these to be shorter posts. I will still post the weekly diet update and I will try to post more playlist stuff. I might repost the ‘motivational’ messages that I send to my region. There might also be at least one rant on the subject of how much I hate my fucking novel.

Diet Update 7

I have lost 3.3kg (7lb or half a stone) since my last official weigh in and 8.5kg (18.7lbs or 1 stone and 4lbs) since the start of the diet. That’s ridiculous. You can’t lose half a stone of fat in a week. Clearly my weight is all over the place and it’s probably because of fluid.

I have been a bit more careful about carbs and about meal planning this week. There’s still room for improvement though. I’ve also been starting to think more seriously about exercise. Calorie restriction alone isn’t going to work in the long term.

Exercise is going to be tricky. I have mobility problems, chronic pain and no money. I’ve started with incline pushups and bodyweight squats. I’ve gone from being able to do 4 good form pushups and 1 terrible form squat to 10 and 5 with good form and reasonable speed. My husband has a rowing machine that I’m thinking about using but for some reason haven’t tried out yet.

Ideally I’d like to get back into weight training but with little room in the house, no money for a gym membership, and no easy way to get to a gym it’s going to be tricky. We’re thinking about moving some of the furniture around to make room for weights. I already have some weights and it’s not too expensive to buy more. It’s a decent squat rack and bench that’s going to be expensive. You don’t want to skimp on those because that’s a safety issue.


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Not another #MeToo post

This isn’t a #MeToo post because I’m not ready to talk in detail about any of my experiences. Just be aware that even someone as fat, ugly and grumpy as me has something to add to the chorus.

This is a post about puberty, because that’s where it usually starts. This is a post about the gendered differences in the puberty experience. It’s taken from one of my first drafts, from last year’s NaNoWriMo in fact, and it’s been edited a little to make sense when removed from its context. I suspect it won’t make it to the final draft like this. The entire conversation it comes from might get cut for reasons of pace.

I’m aware that going through puberty sucks for boys. They’re attached to this thing that they can’t control, that keeps reacting to stuff in a potentially visible way. If they like girls then there’s stimulation everywhere that they can’t help reacting to. Girls their own age seem so much more sophisticated than them, younger girls are still children, older girls and women seem to find their near permanent arousal hilarious. If they don’t like girls then our heteronormative society makes them feel like there’s something wrong with them and their erections seem even less appropriate. And regardless of who they like everything in pop culture is conspiring to tell them that they’re doing masculinity wrong

If it’s tough for boys it’s even worse for girls. Every time you leave the house it’s like you’re surrounded by fucking predators. For some girls it’s like that even in their own homes. Our bodies change in ways that we have no control over and suddenly it draws all this attention, not just from boys but from grown men and women. And it’s attention that we are in no way prepared to deal with. We become shop windows for a product that we don’t understand and that everyone seems to want. If we give in to the constant fucking pestering and let them have it then we’re a slut. If they break in and steal it then somehow that’s our fault too. But if we try to hide the goods by dressing like a boy or trying to look unattractive, or God forbid actually being unattractive, then what is the point of us. Because the only point of a girl is to attract the boys.

It’s even worse for girls of colour because they’re bombarded with the lie that the less white they are the less attractive they are. They’re perceived as being more sexual at a younger age and they’re expected to be grateful for any attention they get. East Asian girls are expected to be submissive and just put up with it and God help Asian girls who don’t conform to the appearance standards expected of them. Muslim girls are harassed because how dare they cover up their bodies but any girls that do reveal anything can expect to get pawed like nearly ripe avocados in a Notting Hill Grocer shop.

Tell me in the comments, did I get boys right? I’m talking from my own experience and I went through puberty in the 80s. Maybe it’s different now. I hope it’s better now but I doubt that it is.