The Zeppelins are due on main street

Once again I return to the subject of how messed up everything is right now. For those who’ve missed my previous posts on the subject the title of this one is a joke about how in fiction Zeppelins are often a signifier of alternative reality.

If you’ve studied much history you’ll know that sometimes stuff happened that makes us look back and wonder exactly what Clio (muse of history) was smoking. There was a time when tulips were so sought after that a single bulb could sell for more than a house. There was a time when Britain used opium to pick two fights with China because China wouldn’t sell Britian enough tea and somehow Britain won. There was a time when armed gangs roamed the wild west of the U.S. battling over the remains of ancient monsters . There’s a period of European history (1870 -1914) known as the Great Binge because everyone who could afford it was constantly off their faces with a combination of drugs and alcohol. In 1932 Australia went to war against Emus (actual birds) and lost.

I think that we’re living through one of those periods right now. In the future people are going to look back and wonder if the train of reality somehow jumped its tracks. That’s assuming that there is a future and that the people alive then will have anything to look back on other than a giant crater.

Lets take a look at some of the fun things that have happened in little over a year:

  • Widespread clown panics that suddenly stopped when a man many deride as a clown was elected to lead the United States of America.
  • The British Electorate voted to leave the EU and then the British Government tried to aggressively implement that vote without apparently having any sort of map or plan about how to do it.
  • The Northern Irish Assembly fell apart over a financial scandal, there still isn’t a new Assembly in place, but Northern Ireland voted against leaving the EU so Ireland could be about to reunify? Maybe?
  • Scotland votes to remain in the EU. The UK Government refuses to let Scotland remain without the rest of the UK. The SNP led Scottish Government votes to hold a referendum on Independence (again). The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, calls this decision divisive and says that it’s the wrong time and continues to say that right up until she calls a snap General Election that she had repeatedly said the could not and would not call.
  • In the wake of the election of a reality TV star with zero relevant experience or expertise the US begins a slide into a dystopian failed state. This slide is repeatedly halted by lawyers working for free and judges who’ve somehow become the enemy of the establishment. Scientists steal back their own climate science data before the White House deletes it. The US parks service goes rogue and leads the resistance.
  • The French presidential election is going to be a runoff between a fascist and the representative of a new political movement who is most famous for having married his former school teacher.
  • The apparent terrorist attack on a German Soccer team bus turned out to be an attempted financial scam by stock price manipulation.
  • The government of Chechnya has decided that now is the perfect time for a gay genocide. Presumably they think that Trump will distract everyone.
  • Marco Rubio, previously not a friend of LGBTQA rights, stands up and denounces the gay genocide. Has he discovered that he actually has both a spine and a conscience or this this just because Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya, is Vladimir Putin’s other boyfriend?
  • Russia has built a replica of the German parliament, the Reichstag, so the army could re-enact storming it. There is nothing at all threatening about the fact that the replica is based on the contemporary Reichstag rather than the way it looked in 1945 when the Red Army actually stormed it.
  • Kim Jong Un, the world’s favourite cosplay dictator, is so upset by now being the third or fourth craziest world leader that he has tried to pick a fight with the US. Presumably he’s banking on Donald Trump not knowing where North Korea is and launching missiles at North Virginia instead.
  • In the US the Republican Party narrowly avoids another Government shutdown in the face of opposition from the Republican president and the Republican held Senate and House of Representatives. The Democrats are confused by the Republicans taking the positions as both the party of government and the party of opposition. Democrats may have to start disguising themselves as Republicans in order to more effectively oppose the policies of the President. Or maybe judges. Or Scientists. Or park rangers.

Am I in a coma or something? Is this all a hallucination? The rest of you are seeing this stuff too, right?


New story part and boring RL stuff

There’s a new episode up on my in-character fiction blog over.  Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 4.

Please feel free to tell me how you think the story is going.  It probably works better if you make in-character comments on the story post and make out of character comments here.  Be aware that if you make “This sucks and you should go kill yourself” style comments in either place then I will unleash the full force of the stick of doom upon you.  Not even joking.

I do have a bunch of posts I want to write for this blog but I expect not to be doing much writing for a bit.  I got some mail today which means that for the next 7 days, at least, I shall be in full shit-storm mode.

I don’t want to go into details. Yes I am aware that then entire purpose of a blog is the pathological over-sharing of one’s personal life but I do have my reasons.  What it means for you, gentle reader, is that I’m going to be either busy or too depressed to fucking move for a while.  That means that updates both here and over on The Department are going to be patchy.

I will try to use the horrible insomnia with which I will doubtless be afflicted to finish the current story on The Department.  Or maybe work on my novel-in-progress.  I might even be here ranting but don’t expect it to be coherent.

My first Eating Disorder post

There’s a new part to the current story over on my fiction blog here and the contents page linking to all the parts is here.  Since I’m going to be talking a little bit about eating disorders I shall absolutely understand if you’d rather go read that instead.

I’ve been thinking about this for ages and it’s still all rather muddled so please excuse me if it all comes out in the wrong order.

The first thing to say is that you can’t tell if someone has an Eating Disorder just by looking at them.  Well you can’t.  I can make an educated guess if I see them eating or interacting with food but I still won’t know.  It’s possible to be very slender and be perfectly healthy.  It’s possible to be dangerously thin because of a physical disorder.  It’s possible to get pretty fat without an Eating Disorder and both depression and physical illness can cause rapid weight gain.

The second thing to say is that even if you know that someone has an Eating Disorder because they, or a medical professional, has told you that they do you still can’t tell which one based on body type alone.  It’s easy to assume that a skinny person with an Eating Disorder must be Anorexic and a fat person must have Binge Eating Disorder and anyone in the middle must be bulimic.  No.

Some of the thinnest, and sickest people I’ve met with Eating Disorders were Bulimic.  I’ve also known some overweight Bulimics.  I used to know a recovering Anorexic and a recovering Compulsive Eater who could have passed for twins in spite of not being related at all.  Both of them were in the healthy range of BMI (Body Mass Index).

The third thing I need to say is that Eating Disorders are mental illnesses with physical symptoms.  The problem is in the mind.  Not the body.  If the mental problem isn’t fixed then no amount of eating the right stuff will work in the long term.  A person with Binge Eating Disorder can’t just stop over-eating any more than a person with Depression can just cheer the fuck up.  A person with Anorexia can’t just eat a fucking burger any more than a person with Schizophrenia can just stop hearing voices.

You also need to know that Eating Disorders are tricky things.  A person might start of with one and have it mutate into any of the others.  Practically anything you say about Eating Disorders will have exceptions.  Trying to pin down anything about Eating Disorders is like trying to nail custard to the side of a moving van.

That’s it for now.  I’m going to go into a lot more detail in the future.