I have not been well

For the first time in months I haven’t hit my preferred posting schedule. It’s because I have not been well. Or in the vernacular of my homeland, “Ah’ve been nae weel”.

I’ve had an infected cyst and it’s been super painful. I’m now on antibiotics and almost back to my normal levels of nae weelness.

I’ve been dealing with the pain with a combination of regular painkillers, vaping CBD and playing Just Cause 3 on the PS4. It’s free this month to anyone with a Playstation Plus subscription. This is not exactly a review because I am not a reviewer. It’s just information for anyone else who might need distracting from pain or from the existential horror of life in 2017.

I’m not sure that Just Cause 3 is a good game but it’s certainly a fun one. There’s a lot of violence but so far not much gore. It’s funny but only if your sense of humour is like mine: as black as the earl of Hell’s waistcoat. You do have to hang up some of your critical faculties to enjoy it properly because the protagonist has to be mildly superhuman to pull off most of the stuff he does but his abilities have so far not been adequately explained.

If it’s distraction you’re looking for then this game does it well. It’s pretty to look at, the voice acting is excellent, the in game music is subtle but compelling, and the plot is interesting enough to drive the action but not so much that you don’t want to stop and do the challenges and side quests. There’s a variety of gameplay though there’s not much of a stealth option and I personally find the vehicle controls on the PS4 controller a bit shonky. This is a game that kept me entertained when the pain wouldn’t let me sleep and I had to wait for the antibiotics to work.

Also there’s a David Tennant voice cameo as the person kidnapped by the regime to do the radio announcements.

As I say it’s currently free on Playstation Plus and available cheap in any second hand games emporium. Or on Amazon it’s available for XBox One, PC and PS4. The XBox and PC versions are less than £15 but the the PS4 one is the gold edition and is more than £30.


Day 22 of emergency editing

New total 71,527 words.  Not much of an increase because I spent the day trying to outline the final part and fix the plot hole.  The plot hole is looking like less of a hole but I’m still not happy with the chapter outline.

Also because I played Minecraft with my husband and had a long chat about computer game design with my son because sometimes you need to do something else with your brain.

I’m still feeling like I should have pushed harder to get it done by the deadline.  Maybe I should have but there’s quality control to think about.  I didn’t run out of time to write it.  I ran out of time for quality control.  No matter how good your understanding of story structure or the basic quality of your sentence building you still need quality control.

As I moved through the novel from scenes that had been re-written and then edited, to scenes that had been re-written, to scenes that had had a quick check for typos and clarity, to scenes that were exactly as I first wrote them I could see the value of the process.  I could also see how much I’ve improved as a writer.  There are scenes that I wrote a few months ago that needed very little done and there are scenes that I wrote 5 years ago that show promise but are badly ordered, pedestrian and full of exposition.