Not a Zeppelin report

For a while now I’ve been collecting weird news and warning of possible signifiers of alternative realities. So you might be wondering why I haven’t said anything about the natural catastrophes currently afflicting the Americas.

For anyone who’s missed them the west coast of the USA is on fire, Texas is under water following a record breaking hurricane, a Category 5 hurricane swept through the Caribbean wreaking havoc on it’s way to Florida, Mexico was hit by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake and now the still reeling islands of the Caribbean are facing another hurricane.

These are all terrible but none of it is weird, or other, or even entirely unexpected. The fires in America’s west are one expected effect of climate change. Climate change is also to blame for the ferocity of the hurricanes if not for their number. Powerful earthquakes are not new to Mexico.

Yes these terrible disasters might herald a coming climate apocalypse but it’s a slow apocalypse and one that we’ve seen coming for years.


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