Falling down the rabbit hole

If you’re a reader at all you’ll know the feeling. It’s when a story sucks you in. It’s when the world of the story seems more vibrant and convincing than the world around you. It’s when you need to know everything about the characters. It’s when you’re desperate to find out what happens next.

And it’s really weird when it happens when you’re re-reading your own work.

It’s happened to me twice this week and it frustrating as hell because they were both unfinished. I have two half-completed first drafts from the same year that I decided to take a look at.

The first one was unfinished because I got three chapters in and realised I had no idea what the rest of the plot was. I still don’t know. I know it’s out there somewhere and I’m determined to find it but I can’t finish this story yet.

The second story was unfinished because I was exhausted from the effort of trying to find the rest of the plot for the first one. I will finish this one. I’ve written over 8,000 words of it in the last three days. It is just possible that I might be slightly addicted to this story.

Of course none of this means that either story is any good. I wrote them so of course they’re both perfectly attuned to my personal pleasure buttons. But just right now I don’t really care if they’re good. I just want to know where they’re going.

A Question For My Readers

I know a quite a few of you write. Have you ever had the experience of falling down the rabbit hole of your own story? Have you been so lost in it that you couldn’t stop writing? Have you ever found an old notebook with half a story in it? Have you ever hurled one of your own notebooks across the room screaming, “BUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT GODDAMMIT!”?

Tell me in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Falling down the rabbit hole

  1. I wish I had. But then I think as 90% of my drafts I find are NaNo drafts which are just terrible ;-). I’m close with one of going down the rabbit hole but then I read close to the end and I cringe like hell. One day. 🙂

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    1. Sometimes you need a lot of distance before it happens. And you have to be willing to look past all the typos and the grammatical errors that plague any first draft.


  2. I’d love to give you an opinion on anything you’ve written. 😉

    Running With Werewolves and the sci-fi story where people travel between planets by Candlelight Bus both were addictive to write. The characters in Werewolves behaved so idiotically that Stephanie Meier would have been proud. My sci-fi one is the ghost of the ghost of 1984. I struggle to give it a title.

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